Rice Trait Ontology
TO:0000042 f1-hybrid incompatibility
TO:0000036 ! hybrid incompatibility
TO:0000043 root morphology trait
"A plant axis morphology trait (TO:0000738) which is a quality of a root (PO:0025025)." [Gramene:pankaj_jaiswal, PO:0025025, TO:cooperl]
TO:0000738 ! plant axis morphology trait
TO:0000044 stigma exsertion
"Trait is monitored by counting number of flowers or florets that have completed anthesis on a given day and showing exserted stigma. Trait expressed as percent stigma exsertion." [Gramene:pankaj_jaiswal, IRRI:SES]
TO:0006012 ! carpel morphology trait
TO:0000045 udbatta disease resistance
"Causal agent
TO:0000439 ! fungal disease resistance
TO:0000046 f2-generation sterility
TO:0000036 ! hybrid incompatibility
TO:0000047 sporophytic incompatibility
TO:0000310 ! self-incompatibility
TO:0000048 kernel smut disease resistance
"Causal agent
TO:0000439 ! fungal disease resistance
TO:0000049 gametophytic incompatibility
TO:0000310 ! self-incompatibility
TO:0000050 inflorescence branching
"An inflorescence morphology trait (TO:0000373) which is the extent of branching. (PO:0009049)." [Gramene:pankaj_jaiswal, PO:0009049, TO:moorel]
TO:0000621 ! inflorescence development traitTO:0000268 ! inflorescence shape
TO:0000051 stem strength
"A stem morphology trait (TO:0000361) which is the strength of a stem (PO:0009047)." [Gramene:pankaj_jaiswal, IRRI:SES, PO:0009047, TO:moorel]
TO:0000361 ! stem morphology trait
TO:0000052 primary branching of inflorescence
"An inflorescence morphology trait (TO:0000373) which is the extent of primary branching that usually sets the tone for shape and compactness of the inflorescence (PO:0009049) (rice panicle)." [Gramene:pankaj_jaiswal, PO:0009049, TO:moorel]
TO:0000050 ! inflorescence branching
TO:0000053 pollen sterility
"Observed under a microscope at magnification 10x10 after staining with 1% iodine potassium iodide (IKI) solution. Samples for pollen are collected from anthers and fixed in 70% alcohol. Two to three anthers are extracted from each floret and pollen grains are squeezed out into the IKI solution drop. At least three fields are used to count the sterile pollen grains; unstained withered, unstained spherical and partially stained round and fertile, from stained round pollen grains. Percentage sterility is calculated as = (unstained withered+unstained spherical+partially stained) x 100/total number of pollen grains in the field including the fertile." [Gramene:pankaj_jaiswal, IRRI:SES]
TO:0000437 ! male sterility
TO:0000054 animal damage resistance
"Response by the plant in terms of resistivity or sensitivity to the animals infesting them." [Gramene:pankaj_jaiswal]
TO:0000236 ! crop damage resistance
TO:0000055 leaf lamina pubescence
"A leaf lamina morphology trait (TO:0000829) which is the extent of pubescence (presence of hairs) on a leaf lamina (PO:0020039)." [IRRI:SES]
TO:0000829 ! leaf lamina morphology trait
TO:0000056 stem color
"A stem morphology trait (TO:0000361) which is the color of a stem (PO:0009047)." [Gramene:pankaj_jaiswal, PO:0009047, TO:moorel]
TO:0000361 ! stem morphology trait
TO:0000057 grain moisture
TO:0000162 ! grain quality trait
TO:0000058 herbicide sensitivity
"A chemical stress sensitivity (TO:0000482) which is the tolerance exhibited by a plant towards the applied herbicide." [Gramene:pankaj_jaiswal, TO:moorel]
WTO:0000254 ! resistance to chemicalsTO:0002649 ! pesticide sensitivity
TO:0000059 node color
"Color of the stem node." [Gramene:pankaj_jaiswal]
TO:1000003 ! shoot axis node color
TO:0000060 aborted uni-nucleate stage
"Abortion at uni-nucleate stage of microspore development." [Gramene:pankaj_jaiswal, IRRI:SES]
TO:0000218 ! pollen abortion type
TO:0000061 node shattering
TO:0000754 ! cardinal organ part morphology traitTO:0000051 ! stem strength
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