Rice Trait Ontology
TO:0000022 stink bug resistance
"Causal agent
TO:0000261 ! insect damage resistance
TO:0000023 fungal infection related grain discoloration
"Causal agent
TO:0000439 ! fungal disease resistance
TO:0000024 ligule length
"A ligule morphology trait (TO:0002748) which is a length of a ligule measured in millimeters from the base of the leaf collar to the tip of the ligule (PO:0020105)." [IRRI:SES, PO:0020105, TO:cooperl]
TO:0000135 ! leaf lengthTO:0002748 ! ligule morphology trait
TO:0000025 molybdenum sensitivity
"Important for nitrate fixation." [Gramene:pankaj_jaiswal]
TO:0000080 ! micronutrient sensitivity
TO:0000026 aborted tri-nucleate stage
"Abortion at tri-nucleate stage of microspore development." [Gramene:pankaj_jaiswal, IRRI:SES]
TO:0000218 ! pollen abortion type
TO:0000027 culm number
"Actual count of the total number of tillers after full heading, Specify if per plant, hill or area." [IRRI:SES]
TO:0000077 ! shoot system morphology trait
TO:0000028 unfilled grain number
"Number of unfilled florets in a grass inflorescence." [Gramene:pankaj_jaiswal]
TO:0002759 ! grain number
TO:0000029 chlorine sensitivity
"Sensitivity to the chlorine content in the growth medium. Chloride helps regulate the correct pH (acid/alkaline) balance. This is a major electrolyte in the living cell besides sodium and potassium. It is available to the cell mainly in the form of NaCl and KCl salts." [Gramene:pankaj_jaiswal]
TO:0000080 ! micronutrient sensitivity
TO:0000030 sedge weed
"A common sedge weed Cyperus iria (rice flatsedge), Cyperus difformis (Small flower umbrella sedge), Rice field bulrush Scirpus mucronatus, River bulrush Scirpus fluviatilis. Grows as a weed in the rice field. Can be distinguished from grass plant by the leaf shape, venation, stem cross-section and plant shape leaf shape." [Gramene:pankaj_jaiswal, http//, ISBN:9712200299]
TO:0000347 ! weed damage
TO:0000031 silicon sensitivity
TO:0000247 ! other nutrient sensitivity
TO:0000032 selenium sensitivity
TO:0000247 ! other nutrient sensitivity
TO:0000033 iodine sensitivity
TO:0000247 ! other nutrient sensitivity
TO:0000034 chromium sensitivity
"Sensitivity to the chromium content in the growth medium." [Gramene:pankaj_jaiswal]
WTO:0000463 ! heavy metal toxicityTO:0000247 ! other nutrient sensitivity
TO:0000035 incompatibility trait
TO:0000392 ! sterility or fertility traitTO:0000398 ! whole plant morphology trait
TO:0000036 hybrid incompatibility
TO:0000035 ! incompatibility trait
TO:0000037 male sterility extent
"OBSOLETE. Determines the extent of male sterility of a male sterile line. Can be determined by either pollen sterility or spikelet fertility" [Gramene:pankaj_jaiswal, IRRI:SES]
TO:0000038 fluorine sensitivity
TO:0000247 ! other nutrient sensitivity
TO:0000039 yield component
"OBSOLETE. Defines the components that determine the over all yield from a plant" [Gramene:pankaj_jaiswal]
TO:0000040 panicle length
"A panicle morphology trait (TO:0000847) which is the measurement in centimeters from panicle base to tip." [IRRI:SES]
TO:0000271 ! inflorescence lengthTO:0006032 ! panicle inflorescence size
TO:0000041 brown rice length
"A grain length (TO:0000734) monitored after dehulling but before polishing. The grain should contain pericarp (PO:0009084)." [IRRI:SES, PO:0009084, TO:moorel]
TO:0000734 ! grain length
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