plant morphology trait
ID TO:0000017
DEFINITION "A plant trait (TO:0000387) which is a morphological quality of a plant anatomical entity (PO:0025131) or a constituent cellular component (GO:0005575) contained therein." [GO:0005575, Gramene:pankaj_jaiswal, PO:0025131, TO:cooperl]
COMMENT Includes traits of plant structures (PO:0009011) such as plant cell (PO:0009002), plant organ (PO:0009008), portion of plant tissue (PO:0009007), vascular system (PO:0000034), whole plant (PO:0000003) and seed (PO:0009010), as well as those of plant anatomical spaces (PO:0025117) and portions of plant substance (PO:0025161).
SYNONYM "plant architecture trait (related)" RELATED []"plant structure trait (related)" RELATED []
IS_A TO:0000387 ! plant trait
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