“Annotation of Genes with Alteration-Centric function changes”. — A customized corpus for mining functions caused by mutations.

Main Data Service

Links to AGAC Corpus and Resources

  • 2019 BioNLP Open Shared Task (2019年BioNLP开放共享任务) Visit this page!
  • Covid-19 Hackathon Project (参与BLAH7 Hackathon项目) Visit this page!
  • GDAS Track, CHIP 2022 (2022年中国健康信息会议——GDAS测评任务数据集) Visit this page!
  • 收录于Tianchi天池数据集 (面向“基因-疾病”关联机理的科学文献挖掘任务(AGAC)数据集)Visit this page!
  • Corpus-ET, BLAH8 (参与BLAH8 Hackathon项目)Visit this page!
  • Rice-Alterome, BLAH8 (参与BLAH8 Hackathon项目)Visit this page!

Developing History

Why did we annotate AGAC? BLAH, 2018.
Presenter: Jingbo Xia
AGAC in BLAH 4, Tokyo, 2017
(Idea of AGAC annotation)
Apply AGAC in LitCovid. BLAH, 2021.
Presenter: Yuxing Wang
AGAC in BLAH 7, Tokyo, 2021
(Aggregate LitCovid with AGAC)


Developing Team


Affiliation: College of Informatics, Huazhong Agricultural UniversityChina, Wuhan, Hubei, China

Main Developer: Yuxing Wang

Lab PI: Jingbo Xia

All the contributors refer to above publications.