AD-Pathological Network with Rich Literature Evidence

AD Hypothesis

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The queried hypothesis is "Abeta", involving 1 gene "APP".
The results of the AD-PNRLE are as follows:

1. A total of 3 pathways are retrieved, with an average length of 5.8 for each pathway.

2. A total of 1 literature are retrieved related to the query gene(s), with an average of 0.3 texts for each pathway.

3. There are 1 mutations directly associated with the query gene(s). Among them, mutation "APP:E693G" is related to the most pathway, with 1.

4. There are 5 biological process terms, 2 phenotypic symptom terms, and 0 diseases associated with the query gene(s). The most frequently reported biological process term is "microglial cell activation" (1 times), the phenotypic symptom term is "Amyloidosis" (1 times), and the disease is "None" (0 times) .

5. There are 0 genes linked to the query gene(s) by mutations and other biomarker.

Entrez Symbol Mutation Term ID Term Name PathwayLength
351 APP rs63751039 HP:0100256 Senile Plaques 6.0
351 APP rs63751039 GO:0070997 neuron death 6.0
351 APP rs63751039 GO:1902988 neurofibrillary tangle assembly 6.0